The Italian American Association of Monmouth County is an organization of the members by the members for the members and their families. We are dedicated to promoting Italian American culture, fraternity, and family values.

We will endeavor to promote Italian American Culture by inviting speakers to our meetings, informing members of events, lectures, and courses on every aspect of the Italian American experience, from family histories to cooking to Italian Americans in the news. We will organize events at which members can share their personal experiences as Italian Americans, which includes many family events to ensure rich and beautiful Italian traditions are passed on to our younger generation so they are not lost.

Our organization will foster Italian American fraternity and family values by conducting cultural and social events, such as picnics, italian lessons, traditional holiday and special events and outings for the members and their families and friends.

We will advise members of scholarships including our own scholarship fund.

We will speak out and work against those who present false or stereotypical images, statements or accusations which demean or malign Italian Americans.

The association will undertake such acts of charity as the members deem advisable.

In bringing together Italian Americans from all walks of life we hope to promote the common feelings we all share: love for our families, our Italian American culture, the United States of America which has provided us with so much and the joy of life itself seen and enhanced by our Italian American experience.

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